Walk Your Brand

Maybe you came here because you’re interested in walking the extra mile for your brand, or engage the entire organisation in ”walking the brand, earning the trust”.

Regardless, this kind of ambition can advantageously be performed according to the following steps:

1. Brand Assessment

How do things work, plus and minus, today?

Collection, processing, visualisation of data on customers, employees, partners and the general public’s relationship to the brand – to get insight and basis for decision. Digital channels and personal meetings are subject of the assessment.

Deliverables: Report with insights and recommendations

2. Brand Strategy

What's the desirable position, and how to get there?

Based on the overall business strategy and result from the assessment, a strategy for the brand is developed, or an existing brand strategy may be redefined. Core values, brand promise, positioning and tone of voice are some of the elements.

Deliverables: New strategy, or redefined strategy

3. Brand Implementation

Get people and systems to make it happen.

Leaders and key employees are crucial in this work, which includes lectures, workshops, training and coaching. Forums for sharing knowledge and experiences are established. Improvements of processes and systems are handled next to this.

Deliverables: ”Walking the brand, earning the trust.”