Magnus Särnevång

I am a driven leader and consultant with a passion for brand development, marketing communication, graphic design, and information technology.

Since the early ’90s, I have devoted most of my career to the IT and business consulting industry. I have served in various roles, including Application Developer, Business Consultant, CEO, Marketing Manager, Network Engineer, and Sales Manager.

This page presents key information from my CV.

Relevant Jobs

Business Consultant

2022 – Present

Senior business consultant specializing in marketing, communication, and change management at one of the world’s leading business and IT consulting firms.

Marketing Manager

2013 – 2020

My accomplishments include launching two brand platforms and establishing graphic guidelines. I’ve implemented inbound marketing strategies and executed a content strategy. I’ve also developed websites and conceptualized offerings. I’ve organized and structured working methods for campaigns and activities, and established an event management process. I managed programs for podcasts and web talk shows. I also participated as a marketer in two hackathons in partnership with Microsoft: Climate Hackathon 2021 and AI for Healthcare Hackathon 2021.

Process Consultant

2011 – 2012

As a freelance consultant, I conducted courses in strategic development and leadership for hundreds of middle managers.

Sales & Marketing Manager

2008 – 2010

As Deputy CEO, I was responsible for the company’s sales and marketing. I established a sales management system and a communication platform, while also managing a change process related to corporate values.

CEO & Management Consultant

2004 – 2007

I worked with client management teams on goal breakdown, leadership coaching, deviation handling, and structured problem solving, all based on stretched targets. Additionally, I served as the Managing Director of the Swedish operations. Ultimately, I became the CEO of the group, overseeing operations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Hungary.

Managing Director

1993 – 2002

In 1993, I founded an IT consulting company that, by 2000, had three offices across Sweden. Initially, I was involved in application development and system administration until sales and management duties became my full-time responsibility. Along with organic growth, we expanded by acquiring another IT company. During this period, I also served as a freelance instructor at several top-tier IT training centers in Stockholm. In April 2000, our company was bought by a Finnish public company. I first served as a Consultant Manager before becoming the Managing Director of the Swedish branch. At that point, the group employed approximately 650 staff in eight countries.


+46 709-90 91 97


Executive MBA, Lund University (2004)


Brand Development

Coaching Leadership


Graphic Design

Marketing & Communication

Process Facilitation

Results-oriented Workplaces

Sales Management

Technology (CRM, MA, Web)

Visual Communication